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New release: My story, Another Night, has just been released in Circlet's anthology of Shakespeare themed erotica, Like A Midsummer Night. Another Night is based off Twelfth Night, my favourite Shakespeare play, and is about Viola and Orsino, on the night of their wedding anniversary as Viola takes a potion to appear as a man for one night only...

In other news, this seems to be my year of finishing off old stories that languished half-complete on my hard-drive. So far, I think I'm at three. The first, about a woman who keeps running into a hot bar-tender at weddings, was accepted to the UK Meet anthology (just went to the meet this weekend, so much fun!). I started it way back in 2009, for an anthology to raise funds for Lambda Legal, and honestly, I think I got bored, but when the Meet call went out, I got back into it, skimming through my files for ideas.

The other two are also things I started for anthology calls and stalled out on. One is a magical threesome, which started as an epic tale, and became, well, a magical threesome. Also, one of the men became a woman, the warrior in a trio of warrior, guide and sorcerer. I'm pretty sure that one stalled because it felt too epic to hit the deadline - shorter version was much easier :)

The final one was originally a story for a ghosts anthology, stalled out; started again for a dead lovers anthology and stalled out; and finally became an urban fantasy for a Halloween call. Also possibly an idea for a longer story about the secondary character.

Ironically, the story I've just had accepted is brand new, and sparked off by something I find hot, which is people fucking on the couch. It's coming out with Dreamspinner's advent calendar in December, so if you like stories about ex-military guys who live together with chinchillas and without heat... well, this may be the only story that's for you!
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