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I'm sitting in a coffee shop, eating cheesecake and drinking tea, at 4pm on a Monday afternoon - life could be worse. Of course, the reason I'm doing that instead of being at home is that, after working today I also have to work this evening, but let's not think about that.

The other downside is that I brought my laptop with me to work on a story that's due in a couple of weeks and that I haven't started. It's going pretty well, I've just hit 500 words, which isn't too shabby when the min word count is 5k.

Trouble is: I've also just hit the point where the two heroines start having sex in her office. Which I can't really write while sitting with my back to the entrance, particularly when my co-workers frequently wander in here.

One of the downsides of writing erotic fiction that you don't think about until you're doing it. Along with having to explain to your gran why no she can't read the story you got published, and people giving you the look that says, 'but you look so sweet and innocent.'

That said, giving them one of the kinkier stories I've written and watching their eyebrows go up is kind of fun :)

So tell me: what were the things you weren't expecting when you started writing?
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