Jun. 27th, 2012

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Someone please tell me this weather is going to break soon. Lie, if you have to - I'm British, I'm used to the weather being nothing like we all expected it to be.

Seriously, though, the air pressure is making me crazy, I'd love a good thunder storm. I love storms anyway, but they're especially great on late summer evenings, rolling around and making everything seem a bit like the end of the world is coming.

Of course, the one story I wrote that did include a thunder storm, it was the end of the world, so maybe I should stop wishing for one?

I should definitely get back to the story I am working on though, about a ninja who gets hired to hunt down pigeons. It's based on a true story, from when my dad worked for a small town council. They wanted to get rid of some of the town's many pigeons (have them shot) but there was public outcry. Instead, they hired some guys with air rifles to shoot them in the dead of night, bag up the bodies and take them away.

Imagine stumbling onto that heading home from the pub in the early hours!

Now, if I could just work in something about the troupe of jugglers who take in a stray puppy...


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