Jul. 17th, 2012

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1. The vagaries of the kitty adventure spirit. To whit: I'm moving in three days (oh God, what was I thinking?!) and so all my stuff is in boxes. My cat, while a little freaked, sees this as basically an adventure playground (well, and so do I, but she sees it as a good thing, while I see it as the reason I have bruised shins at four in the morning). However, while she had no problem scrambling up and down a canvas wardrobe, apparently jumping from my shoulder-height bookcase to my dining table is a bridge too far and requires kitty-weeping until rescue appears.

Good thing she doesn't go out - I don't think the local fire fighters would turn out for a cat in a tree, and I'm not going up after her.

2. Why isn't there a collective word for sibling and sibling's partner? Like parents, children, cousins, or, well, siblings. Or in-laws. No, it's all 'my sister and her husband.' Or, worse, 'my sister and her sister-in-law.' Ye gods.

See also: aunt and uncle.

Seriously though, time the world got on that one please. A friend of mine suggested 'slaw' as in sister and brother-in-law, but, well, a, that sounds ridiculous, and, b, that sounds like it ought to be referring to my brother-in-law and his sister, not my sister.

Not that I've come up with anything better.


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