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Anna smiled politely at a couple not much older than her she took their tickets and directed them to the back row. The man took the woman’s hand, leading her up the aisle.

The woman turned her head slightly as they passed by, to smile at Anna, catching her eye, and Anna forced herself not to reach out and take her arm. Deep behind her eyes, Anna saw fear, and a premonition of horrors still to come.

‘Enjoy the picture,’ she said softly.

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He steps up, feels his boot graze the rock, and knows he should have stepped left. His fingers scrape over bare rock, then he’s falling, back and over, sky, rock, sky, rock, until he slams hard onto the platform he climbed off not fifteen minutes before.

It feels like a lot further going down than it did going up.

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“Broccoli? Seriously?”

Nearly stumbling into the root vegetables in surprise, Emma was grateful that the supermarket was nearly empty at half one on a Thursday morning. “Jesus! Where the hell did you come from?”

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“I’m a cat,” Nick says, and it might not be the thing that *should* bring the meeting to a grinding halt, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is.

“A cat,” Ling echoes, looking over at him from her position at the head of the table. Well, as much as it can be called a position when the table is a battered chip board thing tucked in the furthest corner from the window, behind boxes of memorabilia stacked twelve high. One day, she’s going to hire on for a production that actually has money, one that isn’t being coordinated out of the backroom of a club tagged for demolition in a matter of weeks.

Today is not that day. She likes to think that tomorrow looks better; sadly, the slogan ‘today is not your day; tomorrow doesn’t look good either’ could have been written about her life.

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Mar. 22nd, 2009 01:52 pm
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I walled up my heart to you, five years ago, when… Well. Then.

I walled out more than you and what I once felt for you, keeping out what happened to me, what you caused. But in walling you out, I found that I walled myself in, with all the things I no longer wanted.

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Alex wanted to be a pilot even when she was a child, sitting next to Sarah in the top maths group when they were eight.

Sarah was kind of scared of heights.

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