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2011-03-23 06:40 pm

Uniform Appeal: Duty (Dreamspinner Press)


Major Alex Sheppard has plans for his evening that absolutely do not include anything work-related, but when his CO tags him to play driver for a visiting brigadier general, it's not like he can say no. Of course, it helps that General Hendrickson is hot as sin in his dress uniform—and that working a room full of movers and shakers in the name of army funding isn't all he excels at.

Available on 11th April right here
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2011-01-09 08:04 pm

Pour Some Sugar On It: Banana Ice Cream (Torquere Press)

Banana Ice Cream, the sequel to Roll With It comes out in Torquere Press' Pour Some Sugar One It anthology on the 12th January - next Wednesday.

The authors in the anthology will be taking over the [profile] torquere_social lj on the same day, so why not drop by and say hi?

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2011-01-03 02:00 pm

Help! Twelve Tales of Healing: One Thousand Cranes (House of D)

MSF seems to be a theme this year for charity publishing, and a totally worthwhile one at that. House of D Have put together an anthology of what the title says: twelve tales of healing, and included One Thousand Cranes in it.

One Thousand Cranes is the story of Aya, a skater who's partner on ice has just died, and how she recovers from her loss with the help of 1000 paper cranes and 2 very good friends.

Buy Twelve Tales of Healing now
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2010-12-17 07:51 pm

Cobblestone Press: Snowstorm

Snowstorm comes out next week! 22nd December, to be exact, and I can't wait. It's my first published story featuring a woman as well as two men, and I love my girl Lucy so much - she's hot, she's in total control, and she's so much fun.

Plus, it has the most gorgeous cover

If you like Lucy as much as I do, download a free desktop background by clicking the thumbnail below - definitely not safe for work!

When air force captains, Lucy Gardner and Adam Thomas, are trapped by a snowstorm and end up bunking with an attractive colonel, a game of poker quickly develops into something a lot less air force approved, and a lot more naked. They all assume it's a one-off... Until Adam and Lucy run into Chris again at a ski lodge, where Chris' Dom side meets Adam's submissive, and things get a little hotter, and a lot heavier.

Buy it now from Cobblestone Press
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2010-12-12 03:56 pm

Cast The Cards: Burn The Brightest (Storm Moon Press)

Finally catching up on recent publications - and trying to shake the sense that I've forgotten one - with Burn The Brightest, which has been out for a while.

Edith, a young lecturer at the University of Maryland, has a long-standing rule that she never gets involved with any active duty military personnel, whether as a friend or as a lover. But when her best friend, Tara, talks her into attending a beach barbeque with Tara's boyfriend's navy unit, Edith meets Jo, who'll cause her to consider what she really wants, and face the consequences of letting herself have it.

Buy it now in print or ebook form: Cast The Cards Anthology
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2010-09-15 08:08 pm

Charity Sip Blitz: Have Hope (Torquere)

Phew, thank goodness today's over - meeting's from 9am to 5.30pm, and now my brain is fried! Still a better day than John in my charity sip blitz story though. Here's the summary:

When what was supposed to be a simple exchange of information goes to hell in the form of armed soldiers and two bullet wounds, double-agent John Grey makes a fairly desperate run for his rendezvous point. And doesn't make it.

Fortunately, luck's on his side, and he wakes up in the house – the bed – of a local clinic doctor, Mohammed Saleem. Attractive and smart, with a sharp sense of humor and a tattoo, Mohammed is exactly the kind of guy John falls for. Mohammed has very strict rules about what should and shouldn't happen during a recovery period, but John's sure he can change that.

Have Hope (published with Torquere's charity sip blitz, raising money for Medecins sans Frontiers) actually got its start from debates in the Supernatural fandom about writing white characters going out to Haiti and what a bad job the author did of writing the Haitian characters (to summarise a lengthy debate into one sentence!) So when I saw the call for international/healing themed stories, I wanted to write something in which its the character of color who does the saving and the medical brilliance - hence Dr Mohammed Saleem.

Who I'm sure would be an MSF doctor if he was (a) real and (b) not running a resistance movement. They're a fantastic charity, doing amazing work, and what better excuse do you need to go buy a story or two than that it's for a good cause?


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2010-08-30 07:01 pm

Burn The Brightest (Storm Moon Press)

Although the anthology won't be out until October 31st, Storm Moon Press have posted a few samples from the Cast the Cards anthology on their website, one of which is from a story of mine, Burn The Brightest.

"Burn The Brightest" use the idea of the fool both in common understanding (someone who acts in a way they see as unwise) and in the definition given in the tarot (confronting one's fears and taking risks).

Edith, a young lecturer at the University of Maryland, has a long-standing rule that she never gets involved with any active duty military personnel, whether as a friend or as a lover. But when her best friend, Tara, talks her into attending a beach barbeque with Tara's boyfriend's navy unit, Edith meets Jo, who'll cause her to consider what she really wants, and face the consequences of letting herself have it.

Read the excerpt
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2010-08-08 01:15 am

Losing Sight Of The Shore (Making Contact antholoogy)

Losing Sight Of The Shore
Secondary communications officer Jay is assigned to a boarding crew when the Hydra discovers a seemingly abandoned, powerless ship floating in space. While exploring the derelict ship, Jay finds a barely conscious man with purple skin and silver eyes. After surviving a raider attack, Felix is understandably afraid to let Jay go—even when cultural differences threaten to stop any contact between them.

Read it now in Dreamspinner Press' anthology Making Contact

I'll be over at Dreamspinner's facebook blog on Saturday 14th August 1.00-6.00 EST doing a meet the author thing - why not drop by and say hi?
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2010-06-25 08:25 pm

Roll With It

Roll With It
Leaving the army so they could run a surf school together was supposed to be the easy part of Mal and Owen’s relationship. And it is, mostly, except for days when the rain won’t stop, and Mal can’t sit still, leaving Owen behind to worry about him while he goes running on the beach.

For good reason, as it turns out, when Mal comes home bruised, damp, and unwilling to talk about it. Of course, after five years together, Owen might know a couple of ways to get Mal to open up.

Read an excerpt )

Buy it now from Torquere Books


@ Goodreads
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2010-06-14 09:51 pm

Homecoming (Necking anthology)

Ben, one-third of a stable threesome, comes home to find his lover Raul in bed with another man…their third partner, Matt, finally home after months working away. What should be a happy reunion mostly is—but Matt’s had a rough time while away on his job, trying to get into the head of a serial killer. He needs to reconnect with his lovers, and what better way to do so than in bed between his partners? Sex, though, doesn’t fix everything….

Read it now in Dreamspinner Press' Necking anthology


@ Goodreads

@ Dear Author
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2010-05-08 10:40 pm

Things you might have missed

In an attempt to corale everything I've had published into one place (she says, as though it's thousands of things, and not two!), I tracked down two short stories of mine that were published previously:

1. There You Are, Then You Go: in a post-virus city, ex-student Hannah is caught up trying to keep her ragtag group of displaced people alive and in food as a messenger. That is, until Grace comes back, with promises of getting them out, getting them safe. The question is: can they really trust anyone?

Published in Ripple Effect, a charity anthology for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

2. Rose Petals: from the large to the small scale, Rose Petals follows the days and weeks for a girl who's lost the love of her life, and is just trying to hold it together, particularly in the face of her girlfriend's parents, who never knew her as more than a friend.

Published in Chroma's Foreigness issue
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2010-05-08 10:37 pm

Necking Anthology

Over on the Dreamspinner blog, there's a virtual release party going on for the Necking anthology, to be released on 10th May, containing, amongst other things, a story I wrote.

Necking is all m/m/m threesomes, and various people are posting extracts of their own stories.

Mine is here - Homecoming.