Sep. 15th, 2010

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Phew, thank goodness today's over - meeting's from 9am to 5.30pm, and now my brain is fried! Still a better day than John in my charity sip blitz story though. Here's the summary:

When what was supposed to be a simple exchange of information goes to hell in the form of armed soldiers and two bullet wounds, double-agent John Grey makes a fairly desperate run for his rendezvous point. And doesn't make it.

Fortunately, luck's on his side, and he wakes up in the house – the bed – of a local clinic doctor, Mohammed Saleem. Attractive and smart, with a sharp sense of humor and a tattoo, Mohammed is exactly the kind of guy John falls for. Mohammed has very strict rules about what should and shouldn't happen during a recovery period, but John's sure he can change that.

Have Hope (published with Torquere's charity sip blitz, raising money for Medecins sans Frontiers) actually got its start from debates in the Supernatural fandom about writing white characters going out to Haiti and what a bad job the author did of writing the Haitian characters (to summarise a lengthy debate into one sentence!) So when I saw the call for international/healing themed stories, I wanted to write something in which its the character of color who does the saving and the medical brilliance - hence Dr Mohammed Saleem.

Who I'm sure would be an MSF doctor if he was (a) real and (b) not running a resistance movement. They're a fantastic charity, doing amazing work, and what better excuse do you need to go buy a story or two than that it's for a good cause?


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