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And now we're getting towards the end, and poor Jay is starting to realize that there might be more to the hot guy he's falling into bed with than meets the eye:

The morning after the third night they spend together, Jay's having breakfast alone in the mess, Felix having been called down to where the rest of his ship's crew are staying, when Vastanen brings his tray over to stand by Jay's table.

"May I join you?" he asks.

Jay blinks, surprised. He knows Vastanen and Felix spend a lot of time together, but Vastanen's pretty much ignored him. "Sure," he says, pulling his coffee mug closer to make room.

"Thank you," Vastanen says formally. He sits, straight-backed, removes a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of something green from his tray, and then just looks at Jay. "You and – Felix – are becoming closer, I believe."

"I guess," Jay says, uncomfortable. Not that it's a secret, but he already had one awkward conversation about this with Indira, who wouldn't even say why she'd come to his quarters in the first place, and he doesn't really want to do it with someone he doesn't know at all.

"We will be at our world in two days," Vastanen adds, like the two statements go together.
Jay looks down at his half-eaten slice of toast. He doesn't want to think about that, because then he thinks about the evening before, curling on the couch with Felix to watch a movie, or the night before that, when Felix tried to show him how to play a card game from his world, and then he has to think about losing it all. He should have stuck to just sex – would have done, if the sex didn't feel like more than just lust and attraction. "I know," he says, since Vastanen seems to be waiting for a response.

"You must understand –" Vastanen starts, then cuts himself off with a frown. "Felix is a person of importance to us."

"Okay," Jay says. "Us?"

"My people," Vastanen says. "Not just those on the ship."

"Okay," Jay says again. It's too early in the morning for this conversation. "I'm not going to try to keep him here. I couldn't if I wanted to."

"You would not be able to, even if you wished," Vastanen says.

"Is that some kind of threat?" Jay asks, honestly not sure.

"Of course not," Vastanen says, sounding faintly insulted. "I only wish to make the situation clear to you."
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This is from fairly early on in the story - Jay (the narrator, a communications officer on the intragalactic ship Hydra) and Felix (a mysterious crew member on a ship the Hydra just rendered aid to) meet for the first time (well, the first time when they're both conscious and undrugged, anyway)

Jay's seen plenty of people who don't look like him since he joined up with Space Fleet, human and not. People with fur, people with scales. One group whose skin changed color to reflect their emotions. He's never wanted to touch any of them the way he does this man, his flawless purple skin.

He remembers the feel of the man's muscles under his hand, how tightly he gripped Jay's wrist, and when the man chooses that moment to stir, a worried noise slipping from his lips, it's instinct to reach out and cover his hand with his own.

The man turns his hand in Jay's, holding it loosely. Jay looks down at their joined hands, his own pale in the man's, then back up to his face, surprised to find silver eyes looking at him. "You're awake," he says stupidly.

The man says something in another language, then blinks, frowning slightly. "Yes," he says, tentative, like he's not sure it's the right language. "Yes, I'm awake."

"That's good," Jay says. "Um, I don't know what you remember…"

The man's eyes warm. "You found me. Rescued me."

Jay feels his face heat again, even though it's pretty much the truth. "Yeah. You're on our ship now, the Hydra."

"It seems very pleasant," the man says, looking around the small bay.

Jay laughs. "Sorry we don't have a better view."

The man meets his eyes. "The view is quite fine," he says solemnly.

"Right," Jay says. He wants to duck his head, but he can't look away. "Um, my name's Jay. Jay Du Lane, I'm a lieutenant here."

"Felix," the man says. "Of the clan Th – Hardasa."

Jay blinks at the stumble, but maybe it sounds different in Felix's own language, and he changed to Galactic part way through. "Pleased to meet you," he says, bringing his hand up to shake, and only then realizing that they're still holding hands. He lets go quickly, Felix's hand dropping back to the bed. "Sorry," he says, blushing again, and, Christ, if this is going to become a habit, he'll never survive.

"Don't be," Felix says.

There's a short pause while Jay tries to figure out if Felix is flirting


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