May. 8th, 2010

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Over on the Dreamspinner blog, there's a virtual release party going on for the Necking anthology, to be released on 10th May, containing, amongst other things, a story I wrote.

Necking is all m/m/m threesomes, and various people are posting extracts of their own stories.

Mine is here - Homecoming.
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In an attempt to corale everything I've had published into one place (she says, as though it's thousands of things, and not two!), I tracked down two short stories of mine that were published previously:

1. There You Are, Then You Go: in a post-virus city, ex-student Hannah is caught up trying to keep her ragtag group of displaced people alive and in food as a messenger. That is, until Grace comes back, with promises of getting them out, getting them safe. The question is: can they really trust anyone?

Published in Ripple Effect, a charity anthology for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

2. Rose Petals: from the large to the small scale, Rose Petals follows the days and weeks for a girl who's lost the love of her life, and is just trying to hold it together, particularly in the face of her girlfriend's parents, who never knew her as more than a friend.

Published in Chroma's Foreigness issue


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