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Question: why do I never get a hot, sexy plumber when I need one?

I don't know the answer to that, but Elizabeth Coldwell's Kyle certainly knows how to appreciate the hot, sexy plumber that he gets. And, even better, Kyle's long-term lover Vincent knows how to make use of that appreciation.

Plumb Lucky is set in an Amsterdam B&B run by Kyle and Vincent, and is essentially a slice of life in their day: a burst water pipe, invoices, coffee... oh yeah, and some kinky sex over the desk in the office.

The author packs a lot into three and a half thousand words – we get a real sense of not only Kyle and Vincent and their relationship to each other, but also of their home and their city. Elizabeth drops in just enough references to the city to make it real, without it reading like a guide to Amsterdam. Kyle and Vincent are equally lightly drawn, their history and their affection for each other easy to see.

Plumb Lucky brings it with the sex scene as well, in which Vincent punishes Kyle for checking out their plumber. Although the domination/submission is formal and structured, there's still a real sense of who the two characters are and why this is working for them – no Ikea-sex here.

Plumb Lucky is a short and lovely read, and I challenge you not to be smiling by the time you get to the end.

Plumb Lucky is part of Torquerre Press' charity sip blitz, this year raising money for the It Gets Better project.

Author Bio:
Elizabeth Coldwell lives in London with her partner and two cats, some of whom love to get involved in the writing process. The former editor of Forum magazine, her m/m short stories and novellas have been widely published, and she never tires of writing about hot men. Her other passions include her home town football team, unfashionable rock music and baking delicious cakes.

Elizabeth Coldwell's review of Summer Boys by Eden Winters

Reviewer's Bio:
Emily Moreton has been writing since she was a child, though the erotic fiction didn't come until much later. She's had m/m and f/f short stories published in several anthologies, including last year's charity sip blitz. She lives in Bristol, UK, with her cat, works in the violence against women sector, and is wondering if starting a PhD was actually a good idea after all.

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