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"Place your hands here, and here. Don't touch the bowl, it gets very warm." Ella smiled gently, watched Chloe smile back. "Close your eyes, and think of your sister." Ella placed her own fingertips on the wooden stand beneath the bowl, and closed her eyes. It took a moment for her to find Chloe, opposite her. The young girl wasn't a strong presence.

"Good. Now breathe, slowly in, and slowly out. Show me Sophie as you see her – a strong memory. Breathe, Chloe. Good."

Ella felt the other woman almost immediately, as though she'd been waiting. She held the sense of Sophie closely, not allowing it to cross to Chloe. Sophie was almost a decade older than Chloe, close to Ella's own age. Ella felt her sense of humor, her intelligence, her care for her sister. She let her own eyes open slowly, and found Sophie sitting at the third chair pulled to the table. She didn't look much like Chloe – where Chloe's skin looked little more than lightly tanned, Sophie's was darker, and she was tall, thin.

"Good, Chloe," Ella said softly. Chloe didn't respond – she'd sunk into memory, the way Ella had intended.

"Hello, Sophie," Ella said, focusing on the other woman.

Sophie turned, slowly, to meet Ella's eyes, her face serious and still. "You brought me here," she said, then immediately, as though she was correcting herself, "You found me."


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